New Social Media Rules for 2015

Social media is Important for Business

In part six of our six part Digital Marketing Webinar Series our attendees learned how to keep up in 2015 by amplifying social media content.
What’s driving the appetite for social? Customers are tired […]

New Content Marketing Rules for 2015

Creating Content That Counts

In part five of our six part Digital Marketing Webinar Series our attendees learned how to keep up in 2015 by making the most of content, no matter how it’s used in your organization.

Content marketing has […]

New Marketing Automation Rules for 2015

In part four of our six part Digital Marketing Webinar Series our attendees learned how marketing automation brings accountability, energy, and provides a new system for success in 2015.

So what is marketing automation? In a nutshell, it’s an integrated system […]

New Email Marketing Rules for 2015

Must Know Email Marketing Trends for 2015

In part three of our six part Digital Marketing Webinar Series our attendees learned how email marketing will transition from workhorse to overachiever in 2015.

Email use continues to grow.  According to Forrester, 72 […]

Conversion Optimization: part art, mostly science

Conversion Optimization is the “science and art” of testing to maximize the percentage of website visitors that become customers. But it delivers more than the name implies. In fact, it might more accurately be called “Strategic Marketing Optimization,” because […]

Google Analytics for Bankers: Drive Revenue, Reduce Risk

Last month AIS Media Inc., EVP Denise Maling spoke at Georgia Bankers Association ‘Career Paths for Bankers’ about the importance of google analytics and how it is redefining the banking industry. In this ever-connecting world we live in marketers […]

New Search Marketing Rules for 2015

In part two of this seven part Digital Marketing Webinar Series our attendees learned SEO best practices for search engine optimization in 2015.

With more and more consumers searching via mobile devices, you need to know what mobile search is […]

New Web Design Rules for 2015

Must Know Web Design Best Practices
In part one of the six-part Digital Marketing Webinar Series our attendees learned web design best practices to prepare your company’s website for 2015.

So what’s changing? Practically everything. Websites are evolving from being “nice […]

The Changing Face of Social Media: Why Healthcare is Joining the Party

For years now, social media has been the darling of Gen X and the college crowd. For these demographics, texting and keeping up with social contacts via a smart phone is as natural as taking notes with a ball point […]

Healthcare Taps the Power of Content Marketing

During our last webinar, we discussed how healthcare organizations seeking to boost market interest are heading online. That’s where the patients are.

Marketers looking to enter the digital arena and commit to quality content have a host of options. Whether […]

New Rules, New Story: Plugging Into More Effective Digital PR

Public relations has always played a valuable role in the marketing mix, especially for healthcare organizations. Reputation and patient referrals have traditionally been primary marketing tools for driving appointments and procedures.

With the advent of digital marketing, PR remains  the […]

Nurturing Patient Leads With Marketing Automation

For healthcare organizations acquiring, educating and retaining patients is a complex balancing act – especially in light of recent insurance changes and HIPPA. Luckily, Marketing Automation offers a powerful solution.

So what exactly is Marketing Automation, anyway? In a nutshell, […]