The Changing Face of Social Media: Why Healthcare is Joining the Party

For years now, social media has been the darling of Gen X and the college crowd. For these demographics, texting and keeping up with social contacts via a smart phone is as natural as taking notes with a ball point […]

Healthcare Taps the Power of Content Marketing

During our last webinar, we discussed how healthcare organizations seeking to boost market interest are heading online. That’s where the patients are.

Marketers looking to enter the digital arena and commit to quality content have a host of options. Whether […]

New Rules, New Story: Plugging Into More Effective Digital PR

Public relations has always played a valuable role in the marketing mix, especially for healthcare organizations. Reputation and patient referrals have traditionally been primary marketing tools for driving appointments and procedures.

With the advent of digital marketing, PR remains  the […]

Nurturing Patient Leads With Marketing Automation

For healthcare organizations acquiring, educating and retaining patients is a complex balancing act – especially in light of recent insurance changes and HIPPA. Luckily, Marketing Automation offers a powerful solution.

So what exactly is Marketing Automation, anyway? In a nutshell, […]

Marketing Automation for Healthcare Marketers

Today’s medical marketers have a full plate.  Ever-increasing demand for content and relevant solutions have teams running at top speeds.  Marketing Automation, the latest subject of our 7-part AIS Summer Webinar series, helps busy medical marketers meet the challenge. This […]

Email Webinar a Smart Dose of Medical Marketing Savvy

The latest addition to our 7-part AIS Summer Webinar series revealed why email remains the go-to digital workhorse.  From low expense to an amazing ROI of $44.25 (that’s 4,300%!) on every dollar, email delivers healthy digital returns.

Roughly 91% of U.S. […]

Valuable as Gold: A Strong Opt-In Email List

Stronger marketing and healthier patient relationships can begin with a surprising source: a large, clean opt-in email list. McKinsey and Company estimates that email is the most efficient way to acquire customers, more than 40X more effective than Facebook […]

Banking Whitepaper Now Available

New AIS Media Banking White Paper Reveals Digital Shifts
After 17 years working with digital marketing clients in the financial industry, I’ve found only one eternal truth: nothing stays the same for long.

That’s why we just completed our third agency […]

New Rules of Digital Marketing for Medical & Healthcare Organizations

A 7-part series to jump start your marketing campaigns
With 17 years of award-winning services, AIS Media is hosting a summer webinar series for medical and healthcare marketing professionals.  Led by AIS Media CEO, Thomas Harpointner, AIS Media will share […]

Top 6 Content Marketing Strategy Pitfalls for CMOs to Avoid

At practically every digital convention or webinar, everyone’s talking content.  “Do you have a content strategy?”  “A content matrix?” “Who’s in charge of your content?”

It’s clear that the wrong content play can erode brand value.  At the very least, […]

Shift Happens: The New Digital Marketing Roadmap for 2014

This Event is SOLD OUT!  Don’t miss out – to request a copy of the presentation following the event, please complete the form.

A “MUST-ATTEND” for any marketing executive seeking to transform their 2014 digital strategy. AIS Media, Inc. CEO, […]

Search Engine Optimization (as we knew it) is DEAD

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a Vital Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy?
Right now, an online revolution is quietly under way. It’s completely changing the way search engines rank websites. The old search engine optimization rules — the foundation […]