Social Media and Healthcare: Navigating the New Digital Marketing Landscape

The growth of social media as an influencing factor in our lives is truly significant and the healthcare industry is starting to take advantage of social media marketing’s potential. How important is social media marketing for healthcare organizations?

Social media […]

5 Critical Facts to Know About Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update

On April, 21, 2015 #Mobilegeddon has taken over. Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm will now favor sites in organic search rankings that pass the “mobile-friendly test.” If you notice a sudden decline in website traffic and you’re uncertain if your […]

The Shift for Driving Search Marketing Success

In the final webinar of the Transformation2015 series, we explored “The Shift for Driving Search Marketing Success. “

With more and more consumers searching via mobile devices, you need to know what mobile search is and how it impacts your […]

AIS Media’s New BILE™ App Finds & Erases Embarrassing Digital Past

An unsavory past is now easier to swallow. AIS Media’s new BILE™ app automatically finds and erases embarrassing pictures online. BILE, short for ‘Better Images, Less Embarrassment’, utilizes advanced visual search algorithms to locate a user’s photographic missteps, from humiliating […]

Pioneering Market Success: Wake Forest Innovations Doubles Revenue with Website Launch

Wake Forest Innovations was created in 2012 as a new operating division of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. As the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Wake Forest University commercialization arm, Wake Forest Innovations supports scholarship, investing in the […]

Mobile First Digital Marketing

In part three of our four part webinar series, Transformation2015, we explored “Mobile First Digital Marketing.”
There’s been a lot of talk recently about “mobile-first,” and rightfully so. Customers have a longstanding and well-documented love affair with their mobile devices. […]

Top 6 Mobile Marketing Strategy Dos and Don’ts

Rising from a small rumbling just a few years ago, mobile marketing has now grown into the latest golden ticket to online marketing success. Mobile devices are now delivering 42 percent of the organic search traffic across Google, Yahoo […]

The New Content Marketing Blueprint

In part two of our four part webinar series, Transformation2015, the “The New Content Marketing Blueprint,” attendees learned the essential elements to drive traffic, leads and sales through content marketing.

Do you have a content marketing strategy in place for […]

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

Must-know tactics to outsmart your competition

In part one of the four part webinar series, Transformation2015, the “Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2015,” attendees learned the biggest digital marketing trends, techniques and technologies driving business performance this year.

How well are […]

New 4-Part Webinar Series: Transformation2015

The definitive new trends driving digital marketing performance

These are exciting times to be involved with digital marketing. Our discipline is undergoing a transformation, becoming even more essential to business marketing success. So we’re kicking off the new year with […]

New Social Media Rules for 2015

Social media is Important for Business

In part six of our six part Digital Marketing Webinar Series our attendees learned how to keep up in 2015 by amplifying social media content.
What’s driving the appetite for social? Customers are tired […]

New Content Marketing Rules for 2015

Creating Content That Counts

In part five of our six part Digital Marketing Webinar Series our attendees learned how to keep up in 2015 by making the most of content, no matter how it’s used in your organization. You can […]